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Engine Repaints


Engine Repaints - An assortment of repaints of engines. Some may require you to purchase a base model package.


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    CSX SD70M Pack

    CSX SD70M Pack by Jason (JM1261)

    CSX_SD70M.zip - 35 MB

    Four pack of CSX SD70Ms; one YN3, one YN3B, faded YN3, and patched EMD

    UPDATED: October 16, 2016

    Original version had 292 downloads

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    Adriana County Dash 9

    Adriana County Dash 9 by Steven D. Myers (tagsdm)

    ACDX_Dash9.zip - 9.6 MB

    Dash 9 in fictional Adriana County livery

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    Adriana County U30B Pack

    Adriana County U30B Pack by Tony Nguyen (ZekTheKid)

    AC_U30B_Pack.zip - 28.8 MB

    Two Repaints of DTG's WP U30B

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    CSX YN3B C40-8W Pack

    CSX YN3B C40-8W Pack by Jason (JM1261)

    CSX_Dash8.zip - 63.5 MB

    Pack containing three C40-8Ws in CSX's YN3B livery

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    Conrail GP9 Pack

    Conrail GP9 Pack by Rick Kfoury (RickKfoury)

    CR_GP9.zip - 12.7MB

    8 Conrail repaints of the Payware RSC GP9

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    Adriana County GP15s Ver. 2 with Ditchlights

    Adriana County GP15s Ver. 2 with Ditchlights by Steven D. Myers (tagsdm)

    ACDX_xUP_GP15.zip - 30.7 MB

    Fictional ACRR GP15s with ditchlights

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    Adriana County SD70M-2

    Adriana County SD70M-2 by Jason (JM1261)

    ACRR_SD70M-2.zip - 6.8 MB

    SD70M-2 in the fictitious Adriana County livery

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    Amtrak Cabbage Cars

    Amtrak Cabbage Cars by no name (GenericZack)

    Amtrak Cabbage Cars.rar - 17.9 MB

    A 5 Car pack with amtrak cabbage cars

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    FEC/RailAmerica SD70M-2 Pack

    FEC/RailAmerica SD70M-2 Pack by Jason  (JM1261)

    FEC_RA_SD70M-2.zip - 28.3 MB

    Pack containing four SD70M-2 reskins: three FEC, one RA

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    PRR Red F7

    PRR Red F7 by Buzz Baxter (Buzz456)

    PRR_Red.zip - 17.2 MB

    Horseshoe Curve F7 in Tuscan Red

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    Adriana County Patched GP38

    Adriana County Patched GP38 by Steven D. Myers (tagsdm)

    BN-ACDX_Patch.zip - 11 MB

    A fictional AARR ex-BN GP38 patched engine

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    Amtrak 90208 Veterans NPCU

    Amtrak 90208 Veterans NPCU by Jerremee Jones (BNSF511)

    Veterans NPCU.zip - 3.2 MB

    Note: Requires David Brindley's freeware F40PH in order to work

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    New England Southern SW1500

    New England Southern SW1500 by Zack (GenericZack)

    negs_upload_sw1500.rar - 12.3 MB

    The Sole SW1500 Of the New England Southern Railroad

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    KCS EMD SD60M by Harry R. Adkins (harryadkins)

    KCS_EMD_SD60M.7z - 39 MB

    This model is a Kansas City Southern repaint of the TS2016 Free Loco: Union Pacific EMD SD60M

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    CSX Spirit of Cumberland and Tampa

    CSX Spirit of Cumberland and Tampa by Tony Nguyen (zekthekid)

    CSX_SofC_SofT.zip - 18.5 MB

    A package containing two of CSX's Spirit Units

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    CSX Gainesville Midland Heritage Unit

    CSX Gainesville Midland Heritage Unit by Tony Nguyen (Zekthekid)

    CSX_GM_HU.zip - 13.6 MB

    Repaint of the CSX ES44AC into the GM Heritage Livery

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    Adriana County Genset

    Adriana County Genset by Steven D. Myers (tagsdm)

    ACDX_Genset.zip - 28 MB

    Genset in Fictitious Adriana County Livery

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    BNSF Dash 9 Dirty

    BNSF Dash 9 Dirty by Martin Ashwill (thegevo5k)

    DP BNSF Dash 9.7z - 7.6 MB

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    CN SD75I repaint

    CANADIAN NATIONAL SD75I REPAINT V1.01 by no name (sagefuncom)

    CN_SD75I_Repaint.zip - 4.5 MB

    The repaint pack comes with two liveries: a CN SD75I and a CN SD75I with the CN URL.

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    GTrax GP40 KCS

    GTrax GP40 KCS by Harry Adkins (harryadkins)

    Gtrax_GP40_KCS.7z - 5.8 MB

    This model is a Kansas City Southern repaint of the G-Trax Portland Terminal GP40

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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