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Dash 9 Physics Mod

TS 2017
Saturday, 14 October 2017
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Dash 9 Physics Mod by David Whiting (dtrainBNSF1)

Dash9_MOD.zip - 204 kb

This is a modification that updates the physics on the Dash 9-44CW and the NS Dash 9-40CW

Hello and thank you for downloading this mod for the Dash 9 DLC.
The Dash 9 package, as-is from the store, suffers from several flaws: it has too little horsepower but too much tractive effort, the friction values were too low and made it prone to slipping, the dynamic brakes were way too powerful and triggered wheelslip at any speed and depending on the train you were pulling it could even wreck the whole train, the couplings were spongy, etc. etc.  On top of that, the CN and NS units had incorrect numbers.  These have all been addressed in this package.
Specifications for the Dash 9:
Max Horsepower: 4400hp (‪3281.079‬kW)
Horsepower at rail: 3662.186666666666hp (approx. ‪2730.89212704363‬kW)
Starting tractive Effort: 142,000lbf (631.64724kN)
Continuous tractive effort: 105,640lbf@13mph (469.9099608kN)
Dynamic Brake Power: 74,670lbf (332.1485874kN)
Max speed: 75mph
Max Effective Dynamic Brake Speed:25mph
Extended Dynamic Brakes: Yes
Fuel Capacity: 5000gal (‪4163.371‬ Imperial gallons)
Max fuel usage at full power: 210 gal (‪174.8616‬ Imperial gallons)
Max fuel usage at idle: 3.6 gal (‪2.997627‬ Imperial gallons)
Max RPM: 1047
Idle RPM: 335
Mass: 415,000lbs (207.5t., 188.2408 metric tonnes)
On top of this, whole new physics have been crafted for the NS D9-40CW:
Max horsepower: 4000hp (‪2982.799‬kW)
Horsepower at rail: 3778.666666666667hp (approx. ‪2817.75124808554‬kW)
Starting tractive effort: 140,000lbf (622.7508kN)
Continuous tractive effort: 109,000lbf@13mph (484.85598kN)
Dynamic Brake Power: 74,670lbf (332.1485874kN)
Max speed: 75mph
Max Effective Dynamic Brake Speed: 25mph
Extended Dynamic Brakes: Yes
Fuel Capacity: 5000 gal (4163.371 Imperial gallons)
Max fuel usage at full power: 193gal (‪160.7061‬ Imperial gallons)
Max fuel useage at idle: 3gal (‪2.498023‬ Imperial gallons)
Max RPM: 1047
Idle RPM: 335
Mass: 340,000lbs (170t., 154.2214 metric tonnes)
As mentioned earlier, a fix has also been implemented for the spongy couplers, as well as a new numbering system for the NS and CN Dash 9s to reflect the prototype.  The Combined power handle has also been modified to have 8 power notches, an idle notch, a setup notch, and 8 dynamic brake notches to match the prototype.  New power behavior for the throttle has been implemented in this mod based on figures from Al Krug's website, with power ranging from a mere 4.4% in Run 1 to 100% at Run 8.  When starting a heavy train on a grade you may need to punch the throttle to Run 2 or Run 3 to get started.  Opereating these engines in low speeds in yards and other restricted speed zones may be tricky due to the range of power between each notch, which according to Al Krug's first-hand experience with Dash 9s is par for the course.
About the NS Dash 9s: These Dash 9s are numbered in the 8889-9128 series.  These engines were not equipped with in-cab signalling which matches the cab of the Dash 9 presented in Train Simulator.  However, these particular Dash 9s were NOT equipped for Distributed Power.  While this has no effect on their behavior in Train Simulator, in your scenarios if you want to remain true to the prototype use these only in the lead consist or MU them to an engine that is DPU-equipped if used in Distributed Power service.  Also from 2013-2015 all of the NS Dash 9s were upgraded to 4400 horsepower.  The Designator on the side of the cab was also changed to read D9-44CW.  As presented in-game, the designator on the side of the cab still reads D9-40CW because when this package was released in 2012 the engines were still indeed D9-40CWs, hence why they are set for 4000 horsepower in this mod.
About the CN Dash 9s: of all the Dash 9s delievered to the Canadian National, only 2200-2205 were ever equipped for Distributed Power service.  In scenarios to stay true to the prototype use only 2200-2205 in DPU service, the rest of the units should remain in the lead consist or be MUed to an engine already equipped for DPU service.
One more little feature of the MOD: all units now have their own ND (non-driver) variants to make lash-ups of these engines look even more realistic.
This mod DOES NOT replace the Dash 9 that came from the store but creates variants of the engines which you will recognize with the suffix "_MOD" and "_MOD_ND" in the scenario editor.  These engines also work for the consist editor in Quick Drive. An edited Description.html file has been provided for the NS D9-40CW.
Train Simulator uses Kilowatts in its simulation files, thus if you were to open the modified simulation files you would see 3281.079 instead of 4400.  Some have speculated as to whether or not the simulation file uses kW or Hp.  To see my take on the subject go to the forum at RWA and look under the topic "How Many Engines to Make the Grade V2" (or something close to that - it's been a couple of years since I posted it) where I run a series of tests with various configurations in the sim file to prove that the sim file does indeed use kW and not Hp as some developers like DTM and others seem to believe for some reason these days.  The fuel values in-game are also in Imperial Gallons, so in-game you will see 4163.371 instead of 5000.
Naviage to your Railworks installation (wherever you installed it) then under RailWorks open the Utilities.exe application.  Once the app is open, click on the Package Manger tab on the top, click "Refresh", then "Install", then select the .rwp file that this mod came with and you should be good to go.
This mod is NOT a sound mod.  If you want modified sounds, check out the file library at RWA as there are plenty of sound mods available.
This mod is presented in an "As Is" basis; I take no responsibility for any damages to your computer (The mod hasn't damaged anything on my computer, and it won't, but I have to mention this)
Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Look me up on the forum at RWA under dtrainBNSF1.
Again, thank you for downloading this mod.  Enjoy your newly modified Dash 9s!

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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