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Sunday, 05 June 2016
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Cab Forward Mod by David Whiting (dtrainBNSF1) - 712 kb

This is a modification that updates the Cab Forward's power, speed, weight, etc

Thank you for downloading this mod for the Cab Forward.  This has been a mod that's been a long time coming, and I'm happy that it's finally ready.
The mod does NOT replace the Cab Forward as/is from the store.  It creates variants of the default and weathered models, recognized with the prefix MOD.  This is so that you can continue to play career scenarios and workshop scenarios without any complications.
The mod also includes a coupling fix and modified reefers, boxcars, and caboose for more accurate weight and therefore performance in scenarios.  The reefers and boxcars come in empty and loaded variants.  The empty variants still have their "mt" suffixes.  The loaded
variants have an LD suffix.  The weights of each car is as printed on the side of the car for the reefers - just add the empty weight and the capacity weights together and convert from pounds to tons to get car weight for the loaded cars.  The boxcar empty weights are as
printed on the side of the car, and their loaded weight is the empty weight plus 2/3 of the capacity.  The caboose weighs 23.4 tons.
What's changed on the loco:
-Slight weight adjustment
-Set top speed to 87 mph
-Set tractive effort to 123,364lbf
-Adjusted fuel amounts to imperial figures
-Adjuated amounts for the speed vs te file and the speed vs cutoff file
-Overhauled the boiler
As part of the mod I have also reworked the first 4 scenarios that came with the Cab Forward from the Store and created a special bonus scenario as well just for fun :)  You only need default stock for the 4 scenarios.  The neccesary stock for the bonus scenario is listed in the scenario
description - don't want to spoil it here ;)  I hope you enjoy them.  The reworked scenarios feature some changed dialogue to place the scenarios in more likely situations, more prototypical consist weights and some different AI trains (especially in "Stuck in the Snow").  Weather patterns
are also their 3D equivalents.  The scenarios are in a separate rwp file, also included in the download.
For creating scenarios with the Cab Forwards on Donner Pass, please keep in mind that from Roseville to Norden, main track 1 (the steeper track), the cab forwards should pull no more than 1450t. unassisted while from Roseville to Colfax, main track 2 the cab forwards can handle 1625t. alone.
From Emigrant Gap to Norden, both tracks, the Cab Forwards can handle 1625t. unassisted.  Same goes for the section from Truckee to Norden, both tracks, the cab forwards can handle 1625t. usassisted.  These engines typically worked with at least one other Cab Forward in the consist over
Donner Pass, in the later days taking even 3, with the last unit just in front of the caboose.  It was discouraged to doublehead cab forwards due to the amount of exhaust produced by their oil fires, which could choke the crew like in a conventional steam locomotive, so additional helpers were
mostly placed mid-train.
To install the mod, just open the utilities app, go to the package manager tab, click refresh, click install, and then select the rwp file to be installed.
Again, thanks for downloading this mod.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc send me a pm on the forum; my handle is dtrainBNSF1.
Please note that I take no responsibility for any harmful affects experienced by your computer or copy of train simulator 2016 as a result of installing this mod.  I haven't had any issues while developing the mod, but I have to say this anyway.
-David Whitng (dtrainBNSF1)

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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