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Menu Route Thumbnails Updated v1.2

TS 2016
Saturday, 30 January 2016
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Menu Route Thumbnails Updated v1.2 by Jareb Blake (Bekns)

Menu_Route_Thumbnails_TS2016.zip - 5.5 MB

Updated file of previous version

Previous version had 659 downloads

Missing Route Pictures TS2015 (Now TS2016) v1.2
Here are a series of route thumbnails that I have accumulated for TS2015 that were either missing to begin with
or have gone missing since the latest incarnation of Railworks (TS2016).
Unzip the file in the usual manner using winzip or a similar program to a tempory folder and cut and paste the 'content'
folder to your 'railworks' folder or if you wish you can choose only the routes you have by cutting and pasting the route files
individually into your 'content/routes' folder. I have included an empty text file with the name of the route inside
each folder for easy identification of each route.
Testing so far has shown that thumbnails for the RSC/DTG released routes 'WILL NOT' disappear when a verification
of files takes place but I can not guarantee that this will always be the case.
Version 1.2 Changelog - Thanks to everyones great comments upon release of the first pack :)
This time round I have used resolution 512 x 288 as the menus are now displaying bigger thumbnails in places. I have used
this resolution as it holds to my aspect ratio which I hope will translate over to looking normal enough on other installs
as well. If all is well enough I will re-do the version 1.0 pics with the new resolution also for next release.  Im not sure
that these sorts of uploads are as relevant anymore as alot more users these days know how to create there own thumbnails
but it might save someone some time none the less.  Enjoy!
Added thumbnails for routes below
! WCML - South West **(Image was already in file but named incorrectly)
# WCML London & The Midlands v3
Abingdon Branch
Barnstaple to Exeter **(Image was already in file but named incorrectly)
Birmingham 2010
Cambridge Branch Lines v1
Chiltern Mainline and the West Midlands **(This was in my folder of amended route pics but cant remember what or if I did anything, apologies to photons66 if he/she has already included this with thier route)
Dover Western Docks
Further North
Glorious Devon 1960's **(Image was already in file but named incorrectly, also resized more appropiately)
North Lincolshire
SOO Line
TAD Green Falls
The Far North Line [Modern]

Version 1.0 Changelog
Route thumbnails included are:
't Gooi Centraal (v1.9) **(Image was already in file I have just resized it to soften the image)
Aberdeen Angus **(Image was already in file but named incorrectly)
Altenburg to Wildau
Ay Valley
Berlin-Wittenberg (KBS 250)
Bishop Auckland to Darling **(Image taken from JT website cropped and resized)
Canadian Mountain Passes
ChengDu to Suining High Speed **(Image taken from JT website cropped and resized)
Chengyu Railway Pt2 **(Image taken from JT website cropped and resized)
Crane Setup
Crouch Valley 3 - Great Eastern
Coniston Branch Mk1
East Somerset Railway
Great Central Railway - Version 3
Hatchet Hill Quarry
Industrial Interactive Route TS2012
Just TRains - Bristol And Avonmouth **(Image taken from JT website cropped and resized)
Just Trains - Scottish ECML **(Image taken from JT website cropped and resized)
Koeblitzer Mountain Route (Im Köblitzer Bergland) **(Image taken from JT website cropped and resized)
Koeblitzer Mountain Route Version 3 (Im Köblitzer Bergland v3)
Lisboa St. Apolonia to Santarem
London Faversham High Speed
Marsdonshire **(Image taken from JT website cropped and resized)
Midden-Nederland Beta 4
Newcastle to York Modern
North East Rails
North Eastern - PA Div
Portland Terminal
Qilian Mountain Line (Beta 1)
Riviera Line
South Devon Banks
TASS Demonstration Route
The Central Route
The Lavender Line
The Maerdy Branch **(Image was already in file but named incorrectly)
The Spa Valley Railway
The Watercress Line (Mid Hants Railway) **(Image taken from JT website cropped and resized)
The Mayflower Line
Totham **(Image taken from JT website cropped and resized)
WCML Over Shap
WCML South
York to Peterborough (Part 2 only - I havent got part 3 yet so not sure if a thumbnail has been included in release)
All thumbnails are screenshots from in game that have been cropped and resized unless otherwise stated. Please feel
free to re-distribute to other users but please refrain from uploading to any other websites.
Jareb (Bekns)
I do not accept any responsibilty for any damage to your installation or your PC, as an alleged result
of the download and/or installation of these files.

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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