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AT&N Consolidation Upgrade (Oct 2015)

TS 2016
Sunday, 11 October 2015
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AT&N Consolidation Upgrade (Oct 2015) by Smokebox (mrennie)

ATN_Consolidation_Upgrade_Oct15_RWA.zip - 4.9 MB

Various fixes and improvements



AT&N Consolidation Upgrade October 2015, for RWA

This upgrade includes several fixes and improvements to the Lima AT&N Consolidation by Smokebox.

To install the upgrade, run the TS Utilities (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Utilities.exe)
and use the Package Manager to install ATN_Consolidation_Upgrade_Oct15_RWA.rwp.

This update overwrites the one I uploaded in September.

Note: As of the 8/Sept/15, the repaints in the file library at RWA will not work properly with the upgraded Consolidation. That's because the xml files in the repaint packages are missing many of the new elements that have been added by the upgrades (this one as well as the upgrade done in April 2015). Eventually I hope to get around to upgrading the repaints too!


Patch Notes (07/Oct/2015)


* Missing "AI Helper" (left out in the previous patch) recovered.

* Various fixes to save and resume.

* In HUD version, live injector lever now closes properly when "water" button is clicked "off".


* Advanced version's wheel slip/skid physics (with sparks!) now extended to the HUD version.

* Updated brake simulation for the Advanced version, adapted from the Soldier Summit advanced brakes (including scripted auxiliary and quick service reservoirs, and selectable brake difficulty level).

* Enhanced texturing of the pressure gauge faces.

* Reduced idle fire mass so that safety valves don't lift as soon as a scenario begins.

* Reduced dome throttle delay from one second to half a second (Advanced version).

* Increased condensation in winter (Advanced version).

* Enhanced smoke effects with distinct chuffs, longer trails, turbulence and cinders.

* Cylinder cocks now emit steam only when the admission valves are open and there is steam in the cylinders (Advanced version).

* Much more distinct (less muffled) chuff sounds (appropriate for a non-superheated locomotive).

* Improved clanking sounds, especially when coasting.

* Added impact and coupling sounds.

* Added fire noise (audible when the firebox doors are open).

* New, authentic single-chime Lunkenheimer "hooter" sound (generously provided by "steamboat75043") to match the whistle that is actually on the locomotive.

* Additional cab camera position on the engineer's side that makes it much easier to use the brake handles and watch the gauges at the same time.

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