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SP&S E-1 physics mod v2.0

TS 2015
Saturday, 01 August 2015
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SP&S E-1 physics mod v2.0 by David Whiting (dtrainBNSF1)

SPS_upgrade_v2.zip - 1.3 MB

This is a new physics upgrade for G-Trax's SP&S E-1 locomotives


Thank you for downloading the SP&S E-1 physics upgrade version 2.0.  Up until now the only physics upgrade for the E-1s is the one from last summer (almost a year ago now that I think about it) and that only fully applied to SP&S 700.

So what's new in this upgrade?
 - The tractive effort is now in k-lbf. as it should be (previously it was in Kn, which I found out working on the Big Boy was completely wrong)
 - The boiler has been refined further than in version 1 of the upgrade from last year.
 - Version 1 of the upgrade only dealt with the simulation file because that was all I knew how to work with at the time.  This upgrade not only addresses the simulation file, but also the .dcsv files for t.e. vs speed and cutoff, ensuring even more efficient use of steam and tractive effort.
 - Version 1 was a power upgrade in the purest and simplest meaning of the word.  While power has been readdressed in version 2 speed has also been addressed.  Communication with the volunteers who maintain and operate 700 confirmed that the class can exceed 90mph.  With this in mind, I have set the top speed of the E-1s to 100mph.  100 can be reached light engine, dampers open, blowers closed, full throttle, 10% cutoff.  The locos can travel at a fairly quick pace with a loaded train as well.
 - Weight and fuel values have been changed for both locos and tenders to reflect real-world values (metric tons, imperial gallons, etc.)
 - The driver no longer has his feet dangling below the cab floor with this mod.  This fix was made possible due to a post that Chacal posted in the forum some time ago addressing that very issue for all the G-Trax locos and credit should go to him for figuring this out.

So far my mods I've uploaded to the library have been loco-only.  This pack, because I wanted to change things up a bit, now comes with a set of scenarios to let you try out the locomotive.  Originally I wanted to make like 5 or 6 ranging from the 50s into the modern era, but as time went on I soon thought that was a bit too ambitious.  3 scenarios come with this mod.  Other scenarios for the E-1s will be uploaded to the library as they are completed.

The three scenarios require the following DLC to play:
-SP&S E-1 pack (duh)
-Marias Pass route (available from the Steam Store)
-GN Empire Builder pack (available from the Steam Store)
-Classic American Assets pack (if you are like me and have played Train Simulator since 2012, you more than likely already have this.  If you have begun playing the game more recently, you may need to purchase this dlc from the Steam store.  Fret not; it's cheaper than most of the dlc available in the Steam store)

And that's it for payware.  The most of the freeware comes from GreatNortherner's website Golden Age Rails.  From there you will need the following:
-BN Predecessor 55t/70t. Offset-Side Hoppers available here (http://www.golden-age-rails.com/packsrw/bnherit.html)
-GN Rolling Stock Pack (Boxcars, Flatcars, Gondolas, and Ore hoppers) available here (http://www.golden-age-rails.com/packsrw/gnpack.html)
-NP 40ft Icebox Reefer Pack available here (http://www.golden-age-rails.com/packslegacy/npreefer.html)

You will also need G-Trax's light weight streamliner 4-pack, available in the library at RWA.

Here is a short description of all 3 scenarios and some tips:

-Empire Builder Assist:Fall, 1955.  SP&S has retired their old E-1s from regular service.  GN, meanwhile, has been experiencing a small power crisis on their Hi-Line sub and has leased numbers 700 and 701 to come work there.  On this particular day, the set of F7s which usually pull the Empire Builder have encountered mechanical problems and have thus been removed from the train upon arrival at Whitefish.  You will be in control of SP&S 700 and you will begin the Empire Builder's journey from Whitefish to Shelby.  This scneario will atke you from Whitefish to Essex non-stop.
Essentially this scenario is a straight forward A to B run, but up ahead a long reefer train has stopped for a hotbox.  You will be following this train and riding the yellows for quite some time.  Also there is a reduced speed zone passing through Belton station for a certain manuever.  The lua scripting will enforce this speed restriction; if you enter the station too fast, the conductor will warn you.  If you continue to go too fast through the station you will fail the scenario.  The manuever in this scenario comes from a particular story shared on Green Frog's documentary of the Empire Builder shared by a former vice-chairman of BN.  The consist is the real winter 1955 consist, the first time that the full-length dome was used on the Empire Builder.

-Empire Builder Assist part 2:Following that reefer train from scenario one has caused your train to fall behind a couple of minutes.  The track ahead is clear, so now it's time to make up the time!  Do you think you can make it despite Marias Pass' 1.8% grade?
There is a timetable to keep in this scenario as well as speed targets.  As long as you travel as close to the speed limit as you can, you'll make it no problem.

-Empire Builder Assist part 3:Now that the train is back on schedule again, continue on from Glacier Park to Shelby, calling at Cut Bank on the way.  With just over half of your water supply left and many miles of high-speed running ahead of you, do you think you can make it to Shelby?
Not much to say about this scenario hint-wise.  Just be prepared to run as fast as possible from Cut Bank to Shelby to stay on schedule.

All scenarios use lua scripting in one formor another.  All scenarios also use the "new" rolling start feature either to set controls appropriately or to get the train moving at track speed from the get-go (nice feature; I wonder why more people don't use it in the Workshop?).  Fuel amounts for each scenario have been manually edited in the scenarios' bin files.  These should reflect thoeretically what you should have left over in the tender from the previous scenarios (or at least what I had left on my test runs of the scenarios).

If people like these scenarios, I may decide to create scenarios with future releases of loco mods.  Let me know what you all think.

To install:
1) Locate you Railworks Utilities application in the Railworks directory
2) If you have the first version of the physics mod installed, uninstall it with the Utilities Application.
3) Install the included .rwp file with the Utilities app
4) You're done!  Fire up TS2015, select one of the above scenarios, and have fun!  Or go into the scenario editor and make your own fun with these locos.

It is advised that you backup your copy of the original SP&S E-1s in case heaven forbid something terrible happens and you have to go back to the original installation.  I take no responsibility for any damage this pack may have on your computer.  Install at your own risk (I have to say that; there really shouldn't be any problem - my laptop hasn't blown up yet ;) )

I would like to thank Rick Grout of G-Trax for making these beautiful locos.  Sure I'm modding them, but he's the one who brought SP&S 700, NKP 765, SP 4449 and the SP AC10-12 Cab Forwards to RailWorks/Train Simulator20__ in the first place, which represents a large chunk of the available American steam locomotives in the store right now, and throughout the years Mr. Grout has done some great stuff for the community, including making the Durango & Silverton Line, Stevens Pass, the Husky Double Stack cars available for free in the library, the lightweight streamliner coaches, also available for free in the library, and helping to make the donationware route for RWA which helps maintain the site that we all use.  Thanks for all you've done!  I do appreciate what you do.

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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