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GE GEVO-12 Sound-set Now Available at The Audio Shack

The Audio Shack has released a new sound pack for Train Simulator, including files for General Electric's Evolution Series and the later GE ES44 models that are equipped with the GEVO 12-cylinder prime mover, with several different versions depending on the locomotive model and specs.

Locomotive models that are meant for this sound-set are:

Horns included are:
Nathan K5HLs K5LAs New Cast P5s

Product features are:
Prototypical exterior and interior engine sounds.
Prototypical in-cab sounds to give the user true to life run feel.
Prototypical horns for each railroad.
Random aircompressor and random air sounds.
True-to-life horn sounds.
Alternate horn files, since some engines have a variety of horns/bells for any one class of locomotive.

Find out more about this add-on pack at The Audio Shack's website.

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