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Big Boy Bell and Whistle update 2

TS 2016
Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Big Boy Bell and Whistle update 2 by Jorge Alsina (jalsina)

Big_Boy_Bell-and-Whistle.rar - 746 kb

Whistle, Bell and Safeties sounds for DTG Dec 2015 upgrade

On December 16th, Dovetail Games (DTG) updated once more the Big Boy files, providing a new horn and bell. In the process they changed some file names which included the audio proxys for whistle and bell (used in the previous update from Nov 16, 2015).
Because of this, the files I uploaded with the remake of the whistle by Brian Meyers and a bronze bell by John Gori are not working anymore with the current update of the Big Boy (as of December 16th).
So I decided to pack those two files (fixed) plus a new one. This package includes three install packs:
1) Brian Meyers (b737lvr) Big Boy Whistle
2) John Gori (JohnTrainHead) "Mechanical Bell Pack" and my edited proxys for usage in the Big Boy.
3) A new proxy for the safety valves noise which lowers their volume substantially.
NOTE 1 (Whistle):
This is an update of the Big Boy whistle made by Brian Meyers (b737lvr) and uploaded by his author in Dec 2012 (together with a Challenger whistle) of name:  
BigBoy/Challenger - New Whistles.
This update has not touched any of his wav files, but includes an edited and renamed proxy to allow it to replace the whistle included in the Nov 18th, 2015 DTG Big Boy locomotive update.
This file replaces my previous upload named Big Boy Whistle Update dated  Nov 21, 2015
NOTE 2 (Bronze Bell)
This is a replacement for the bell sound and proxy that is included with the DTG (RSC) Big Boy locomotive upgrade dated Dec 16, 2015.
It uses the bronze bell by John Gori (JohnTrainHead) included in his "Mechanical Bell Pack" found in the library:
In this link you will find a couple YouTube videos where you can listen to his source for the bell recording.
I obtained the permission from John Gori about a month ago for the usage of his bell in this replacement, and therefore he has the full credit for it.
This update has not modified the bell.wav file, but includes my edited proxys to allow it to replace the bell included in the latest DTG Big Boy upgrade (Dec 16, 2015).
NOTE 3 (Safety Valves sounds)
In the update from Nov 18th, 2015, DTG provided new sounds with the Big Boy update, however many complained about the high volume of those safeties noises. I am providing proxys to lower the volume. It can be installed independently so you can go back to the original high volume if you do not like it.
The three packages are set as different rwp and are loacted in a compressed rar file. After extracting them to your desktop or anywhere else, you may install one, two or the three packs.
First of all I suggest you removing any of my previous files related with the big Boy whistle and the bell (jalsina) by using utilities.exe (located in your Railworks main folder).
Then install the packages you prefer using also Utilities.exe.
The installation of the whistle will replace any other whistle you may have, while the bell will do the same with any older bell.
Jorge Alsina (jalsina)

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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