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Central Pacific passenger car reskins v1

TS 2020
Saturday, 27 June 2020

Central Pacific passenger car reskins v1 by Daniel Gollery (Trainboi1)

CP_Passenger_Reskins.7z - 76 MB

This is a full reskin of the coaches included with the Jupiter




Central Pacific passenger car reskins, version 1, by Daniel Gollery (Trainboi1 on RWA)

In brief: This is a full reskin of the coaches included with the Jupiter pack on Steam to represent the CP's early passenger fleet as accurately as possible.

Real history: Not much is known about CP's early passenger cars. The roster as far as we know is as follows:
Baggage - Nos. 1-16 inclusive, all homebuilt. In reality these varied greatly. Smokebox's baggage is actually based on a UP car.
Combine/Caboose - Nos. 1-2, homebuilt. In reality these were the same length as the standard early coaches, around 41.5 feet. The only two crew cars on the road, these were frequently tagged onto passenger trains, leaving freight services without any caboose at all.
Archroof Coach - Nos. 1-10, various. In reality these varied greatly; that is why I included both the square and arch roofed cars. Nos. 1-4 had lighter lettering. No. 5 was a unique ex-Sacramento Valley car with board and batten siding. It had extensive striping, logos on the sides and much more.
Clerestory Coach - Nos. 11-50 and 51-60, respectively Wason and CP Sacramento. This model is more accurate to the CP cars, which is fitting for Promontory. Wason coaches 12 and 16 were the only such cars completed in time for the Golden Spike ceremony, and were on hand for the occasion. As such the entire CP fleet on May 10, 1869 comprised 22 coaches, 2 combines and about 16 baggage cars.

Historical disclaimer: Next to nothing has been known about these cars for a very long time. These liveries are as accurate as I could make them, but there are a few known issues. First, the subsistence car reskin is lacking its corner post stripes due to the corner posts being split on that model. Second, the passenger car lettering is unbroken because these cars don't have the letterboard vents present on the real cars. Third, the combine shares lettering with the coaches due to how the decal is set up. Fourth and finally, the baggage car lettering is rearranged to work with the decals, and does not display a number because the model numbers are designed for four digits rather than one and two.

Installation: For best results, unpack the Assets\Smokebox\Jupiter contents AP file before installing. Then, unpack the Reskins RWP file using Railworks Utilities. Finally, copy the .GeoPcDx files from the Assets\Smokebox\Jupiter\RailVehicles\Freight\Baggage folder to the Baggage 2 and SubsistenceCar folders, and from the Assets\Smokebox\Jupiter\RailVehicles\Passenger\Coach\Default\Coach folder to the Coach 2 and DirectorsCar folders.

Credits: For the issues I take with these cars' accuracy, Smokebox's help and support in this endeavor should be underlined. His cars aren't strictly accurate to each and every CP car, but to the information available, these look and feel like CP cars. He's never failed to answer a question, and while I had some incurable issues on these models, he's gone as far as providing UV layouts to make sure I can complete everything possible.
Jim Wilke, Jon Davis, Kyle Wyatt, Andrew Brandon, Randy Hees, Wendell Huffman, and many others have worked together for years to publicize the information used in creating these skins. Their importance cannot be overstated in trying to do historically accurate Western representations of any kind. Additionally to that, the name textures in these skins were made by Andrew Brandon as part of a decal set, and are used with his blessing.




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Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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