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Airslide Hoppers at Trains and Drivers

Available now exclusively at Trains and Drivers: a pack of twelve classic airslide hoppers in ATSF and BN colors. The add-on includes the airslide hopper models, QuickDrive consists and five scenarios. 

Please visit the Trains and Drivers website for more details.

Box Art ImageIncluded are:

three ATSF airslide hoppers (one 50' 4-bay car, two 40' 2-bay cars)

three BN airslide hoppers (one 50' 4-bay car, two 40' 2-bay cars)

two CB&Q airslide hoppers (two 40' 2-bay cars)

four GN airslide hoppers (two 50' 4-bay cars, two 40' 2-bay cars)



TaD - Airslide Hoppers: Victorville Switcher (Cajon Pass)

TaD Airslide Hoppers - Hoppers Out (Green Falls)

TaD Airslide Hoppers - Up to Essex (Marias Pass)

TaD Airslide Hoppers - Branch Service (Marias Pass)

TaD - Airslide Hoppers: Cheyenne Yard Work (Sherman Hill)


Also included: Several Quickdrive consists
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