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09-04-2015Stevens Pass
09-04-2015Southern 4-6-2
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09-04-20155th Place
09-04-20156th Place
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09-04-20158th Place
09-04-2015Eagle Ridge
09-04-2015Weathered Northern
09-04-2015Horseshoe Curve
09-04-2015NERW PA Division
09-04-2015Horseshoe Curve

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Virtual Rails Creations o…

Virtual Rail Creations has open their new Online S...


Thank You from Railworks …

I want to thank Rick Grout, Michael Stephan, Jim F...


Pere Marquette Berkshire Bonus download

Pere Marquette Berkshire …

  Rick Grout made us a Berkshire for the L...


RW&A Route now available

RW&A Route now availa…

As you may know, Railworks America moved from a ...


RWA Donationware Rolling …

The RWA Donationware Rolling Stock package has bee...


Railworks America going t…

As you all know Railworks America has been growing...


OP ED: The End of an Era

OP ED: The End of an Era



Review: The Empire Builder set

Review: The Empire Builde…

  The Empire Builder by Buzz Baxter This ...


And then diesels came alo…

And then diesels came along by Buzz Baxter (Buzz45...


Review: PRR Baldwin Centi…

PRR Baldwin Centipede for Train Simulator Review b...


RWDBFDup: a script for finding duplicate scenario GUIDs
RWDBFDup: a script for finding duplicate scenario GUIDs

Chacal2015-08-22Railworks (TS201x) keeps information about scenarios in your local scenario database, which is a file named SDBCache.bin in the Railworks/Content folder.Each scenario has a GUID (an ID number) looking like this: 180b376b-50d2-48b6-b77c-a4b18c75616c.Scenario files are saved in a folder named with this GUID number.Before TS2013, copying a scenario from one route to another was a simple matter of copying its folder.Starting...

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BN GP50 Released by DTM and TaD

An EMD GP50 in Burlington Northern colors has just been released by Digital Train Models and Trains and Drivers. The EMD GP50 for Train Simulator features opening cab doors and windows, numberboard and platform lighting, and dynamic braking. The locomotive is also Quick Drive compatible, giving you the freedom to drive the GP50 BN on any Quick Drive enabled route for Train Simulator....

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Britkits Releases Narrow Gauge Class-A Shay and Logging Pack

Dick Cowen's Britkits has released two new add-on packs for fans of narrow gauge railroading and logging operations: The first add-on includes a 3-ft gauge Class A Shay locomotive, the second new add-on pack includes a variety of Logging Rolling Stock: disconnected log cars, flatcars, a gondola, and a caboose. Shays are geared steam locomotives, designed to provide greater traction at the...

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DTM's UP GP50 Now at Trains and Drivers

Digital Train Model's Union Pacific EMD GP50 add-on, previsouly released on Steam, is now also available at Trains and Drivers. This is to be the first in a line of DTM's models and repaints that are to be released by Trains and Drivers. The EMD GP50 for Train Simulator, developed by DigitalTrainModel, is available in Union Pacific livery and features opening...

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Narrow Gauge Shay and Freight Cars Pack Now Available from Britkits

Dick Cowen has released two new steam era add-ons for Train Simulator 2015: a narrow gauge Class B Shay and a narrow gauge freight cars pack! Shays are geared steam locomotives, designed to provide greater traction at the cost of reduced top speed. They were very useful on rugged tracks with steep gradients and were often used in logging or mining...

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The NEC Series IV, New Scenario Pack by Trains and Drivers

Trains and Drivers has released a new scenario pack with North American content: the NEC Series IV. This fourth scenariopack of the NEC Series brings you a whopping amount of nine scenarios for both NEC routes in Train Simulator. You will be driving commuter trains between New York, Danford and New Haven, Metro North services as well as the Northeast...

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"California Dreaming" - New Scenarios by Trains & Drivers

Trains and Drivers' new scenario pack lets you drive Amtrak trains along the sunny coastline of California. Drive the Surfliner® , Coaster and Metrolink commuter trains between San Diego, Oceanside and Los Angeles, as well as a trolley service on San Diegos MTS Green Line. In two scenarios you will also take the famous "Southern Chief" from Los Angeles Union Station via...

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CSX Road Slug Pack Available

Virtual Rail Creations has released a new add-on for Train Simulator 2015, the CSX Mother and Road Slug Add-on for the EMD GP40-2. Road slugs are more than just rolling stock with control stands, they provide extra traction at low speeds, which is useful for slow, heavy haul duty and for car switching. Currently, CSX is rebuilding old GP30’s, 35’s, 38’s, and even...

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Boston & Maine Budd RDC

The Virtual New Haven RR Team has released a Boston & Maine Budd RDC Expansion Pack today, which is available at the Golden Age of Railroading website. This add-on consists of RDC-1, -2, -3 and -9 models in the 'McGinnis' livery of the B&M railroad. The B&M RDC add-on is a free expansion pack for the payware New Haven Budd...

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Britkits Releases Boston & Albany D-1a Class 4-6-6-T

The model of the unique Boston & Albany 4-6-6-T D-1a class commuter tank engine has just been released by Dick Cowen. The add-on also includes a coach and a combine for commuter service and is available at Dick's Britkits website. You can read more about the development of the model in this forum thread.

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GE B40-8 Pack from Eyein12

A pack of GE  B40-8 engines is now available from EYEIN12's US RAILWORKS CORNER. The add-on includes versions of the engine for several railroads: UP, NS (2), BNSF (3), CONRAIL, ATSF All models feature, custom cab, sounds, weather effects, animations. A repainter kit is included. Accessories are included as well as a barebones model. For more information, screenshots and videos, please visit Eyein12's...

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New from Britkits: USRA Heavy 2-10-2

A model of the mighty USRA Heavy 2-10-2 "Santa Fe" steam engine is now available from Britkits. You can buy this add-on and many other steam engines for Train Simulator on the Britkits website.

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Repainting locos

Tutorial on repainting locos     Requirements Here are some tools you will need:RSBinToolDXTBMPGimp or other paint program such as Photoshop.Paint.Net (click on "mirror host") Make a new folder named "RW reskin tools", download these new programs in here for safe keeping and proper operation.   Part 1: editing blueprints First you must decide on a locomotive to re paint.Next go online or on location to find...

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New from VRC: Burlington Northern GP40 / 2

Just in time for your Christmas giving (and getting) pleasure! The Burlington Northern GP40 / 2 packs have been released on the eStore! The packs each come with a clean and a weathered locomotive, two freight cars, and two Quick Drive scenarios so you can immediately get started enjoying your trains! Please note that if you are a new customer,...

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VNHRR Springfield Line 2.0 Released

The second version of the VNHRR Springfield Line has just been released! The route is available exclusively at the Trains & Drivers online store. The Springfield Line 2.0 includes the mainline from Springfield, MA, to Hartford, CT, set in the 1950s/60s. A wide variety of engines and rolling stock from the New Haven, Boston & Maine and New York Central railroads...

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SD80/90MAC Available from Eyein12

SD80MAC and 90MAC units in NS and UP liveries are now available from EYEIN12's US RAILWORKS CORNER.The add-on comes with all the usual features you would expect:  Fully functional cab, custom sounds, weathering, quick drive ready, ditch lights where applicable. Plus lots more.Two new rolling stock items are included: Trinity 3 bay 5800 cu ft hoppers in 3 liveries apid discharge Ortners...

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Britkits USRA Mallet 2-6-6-2 Now Available

A model of an USRA 2-6-6-2 Mallet steam engine is now available from Dick Cowen's Britkits. You can buy this add-on and many other steam engines for Train Simulator on the Britkits website.

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Freeware EMD GP9 Models

Freeware models of EMD GP7 and GP9 engines are now available on my website. The engines are available in New York Central, Boston & Maine, Penn Central, and Great Northern liveries. The models have been scratch-built but utilize sounds from the old Kuju\RailsimulatorUS F7 locomotives. The US Loco and Assets pack is thus required to run the GP7s and GP9s. The...

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Virtual Rails Creations opens Online Store

Virtual Rail Creations has open their new Online Store. Also known as VRC, they are the creators of the new GP40-2 CSX YN3 engine. You can go to the VRC Online Store at Virtual Rails Creations Two new addons are also available. A CSX YN2 and a Chessie version.

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Electromotive Diesel GP40-2
Electromotive Diesel GP40-2

Electromotive Diesel GP40-2, for use with Train Simulator 2014/2015 Liveries officially licensed by CSX Transporation   You can make your purchase at Virtual Rail Creations Online Store at Virtual Rail Creations   The GP40-2 locomotive from VRC is more than just a locomotive for a train game. Crafted both inside and out with realism in mind, the locomotive looks and operates as close to the...

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