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Bombardier/Alstom Comet/Shoreliner Coach Sound Pack BETA v0.4

TS 2019
Saturday, 17 August 2019
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Bombardier/Alstom Comet/Shoreliner Coach Sound Pack BETA v0.4 by Matt Gorres (OpenRailer90)

CometSoundpackBETA.rar - 75 MB

Revamped audio for Bombardier Comet/Shoreliner-series commuter coaches

Bombardier/Alstom Comet/Shoreliner Coach Sound Pack BETA v0.4

Bombardier/Alstom Comet/Shoreliner Coach Sound Pack BETA RELEASE v0.4
by CentralJerseyRailfan/OpenRailer90
Thank you for downloading my open Beta release of my Comet/Shoreliner Sound Pack!

Special thanks:
-Dovetail Games: various stock sound effects
-Rob Arslanian (Reverse Studios): External Comet V K5LA and bell samples
-Mike Kam (Fan Railer): Internal Comet V K5LA and bell samples
-Rob Amoia (BVERailer): Window Comet V bell
-Jared Steele: Comet IV horn samples
-Philly Buff: Comet IV bell

...And last but not least ALL MY TESTERS AND SUPPORTERS!!!

Features of this package:
-Highly authentic recordings from actual Bombardier/Alstom Comet/Shoreliner coaches, such as:
--Separate external and internal track run sounds dependent on speed
--Accurate external and internal door sounds with buzzer audible from passenger view
--User controllable HVAC system (CTRL+SHIFT+Z to toggle)
--Quillable K5LA horns and bells on Comet V cab cars (Key N for half blast like Pacific Surfliner F59PHI)
---3 Comet V horn variants (Normal, unrestricted, 6050); 6050 is not quillable atm
--Comet IV-specific K5LA and bell for Morristown DLC
--Leslie RS2M for Metro-North Shoreliner IIIs plus additional horn variants for repaints
--Bonus door sound upgrades for the NJT Arrow III
--Extended numbering for Comet IIMs for the Comet IV trailers since DTG is lazy af to make them
-Brand new pseudo-Comet V "trailer" coaches. These Comet V "trailers" reference the existing Comet V cab cars but have trailer physics.
-Hundreds of Quick Drive consists with expansive selections in formations to allow you to hit the ground running quickly. Coding adjustments were also made to allow them to spawn as AI on various routes.

To install:
1) Extract this package to a temporary location, such as your desktop.

2) Run "RW_AssetSetup.exe" OR place included folders "CentralJerseyRailfan", "DTG", and "RSC" into your "Assets" folder, usually located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RailWorks\Assets".
If asked to overwrite just say yes. PLEASE back up your existing files in case you don't want to lose them. Fan Railer's mods are not required for this pack to work but are strongly recommended for the most optimal experience.

3) This pack automatically applies to the Comet and Shoreliner coaches in the following DLC:
DTG North Jersey Coast Line
DTG NJCL & Morristown Lines
DTG Hudson Line

The following Shoreliner repaints are also supported:
ClearTracks (https://cleartrackstrainsim.wixsite.com/cleartracksts2018/passenger-equipment)
CT CTrail: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&;id=1jYpg0mj7C0EJAEO6RfxOh2hGymPUXo9i
CT SEPTA: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&;id=13PUBsbMdoQZGihW4TjXCzrYxc_EqZIrx

Railworks America (http://railworksamerica.com/index.php/download-library)
MARC: http://railworksamerica.com/index.php/download-library/engine-repaints?view=document&;id=2856:marc-single-level-cab-car-and-coach-repaint&catid=18:engine-repaints
MBTA: http://railworksamerica.com/index.php/download-library/engine-repaints?view=document&;id=2309:mbta-f40ph-pack-2&catid=18:engine-repaints

4) Shortcuts have been provided in the DLC folders to allow easy swapping between horns for the Comet Vs. By default, the normal K5LA is used; the user has the ability to switch between horn variants via copy-pasting.

Upcoming features to be expected in future releases:
-Additional sound tweaks and bug fixes

v0.2 7/13/19
- Added improved readme.txt
- Added support for Metro-North Shoreliners
- Added easy horn-swap folders for Comet V cab cars
- Minor sound adjustments in cab (New controller movement sounds)

v0.3 7/14/19
- Fixed missing rolling sound on GP40 Comet V trailer
- Added F40 Comet V trailer
- Added improved wiper sounds
- Fixed and added additional quick drive consists
- Added additional Shoreliner horn variants (K5LA MARC, SEPTA; K3L CDOT, MBTA)

v0.4 8/11/19
- Added F40 quick drive consists


Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


DTG's Required Disclaimer

"IMPORTANT NOTICE. Everything on this site is user generated content designed for use with RailSimulator.com Limited’s train simulation products, including RailWorks 4: Train Simulator 2013, Train Simulator 2014 and Train Simulator 2015. RailSimulator.com Limited does not approve or endorse this user generated content and does not accept any liability or responsibility regarding it.

This user generated content has not been screened or tested by RailSimulator.com Limited. Accordingly, it may adversely affect your use of RailSimulator.com’s products. If you install this user generated content and it infringes the rules regarding user-generated content, RailSimulator.com Limited may choose to discontinue any support for that product which they may otherwise have provided.

The RailWorks EULA sets out in detail how user generated content may be used, which you can review further here: www.railsimulator.com/terms. In particular, this user generated content includes work which remains the intellectual property of RailSimulator.com Limited and which may not be rented, leased, sub-licensed, modified, adapted,copied, reproduced or redistributed without the permission of RailSimulator.com Limited."


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