Move your action dot all around the cabs ...

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Move your action dot all around the cabs ...

Unread postby _o_OOOO_oo-Kanawha » Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:44 pm

To find cab light switches, desk light switches, heaters and fans, sun visors aka glare shields, emergency brake valves, individual windshield wiper controls, a horn sequencer piston (under the AC4400's desk => shortcut ??)

No IFD shortcuts yet, unfortunately

The GP38-2 has a fuel gauge above the windshield center post

The mirrors on the GP38 and SD40 can be folded out. You first need to stick your head out of the window (left and right arrow keys) and move to action dot along the mirror to find the hot spot.
Unfortunately, the mirrors are reflective when folded back and turn into dull matte metal when folded out.
The sun visor above the side window can be folded down also.
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Re: Move your action dot all around the cabs ...

Unread postby OldProf » Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:39 am

I use what you're calling the action dot (which is sometimes really annoying), but have also discovered that in TSW, just as in TS, using the left and right arrow keys while sitting in the engineer's chair moves your focus nicely. The sequence is:

--Straight ahead, using right arrow key --> out right window --> out left window --> out left window --> cab back wall (fuse cabinet) --> left end of control console (brakes, etc.) --> gauges --> back to start

Give it a try!
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