TSW build 624 "Gronks and Whistlers"

TSW build 624 "Gronks and Whistlers"

Unread postby _o_OOOO_oo-Kanawha » Thu Jun 06, 2019 6:43 am

To prepare for the imminent release of the BR Heavy Freight Pack the game has been updated to build 624

Today we are bringing an update to the PC version of Train Sim World that consists of multiple sections: 1) Core update, 2) Leeds Manchester Route update, 3) BR Heavy Freight Functionality.

Total Update Size: 1.4GB

Northern Trans-Pennine

Fixed an issue that was causing some sounds to be muted when re-entering a loco at Manchester Victoria station.
Fixed trigger marker for Driving Rain scenario being embedded in the platform at Huddersfield while navigating the route in Service Mode.
Fixed player unloading passengers instruction at Manchester, to correctly empty the train of passengers.
Locos through Heaton Ledge Tunnel (near Mirfield station) should now darken correctly.
Added rain occlusion volume to Standedge Tunnel to stop rain from coming through the roof.
Added sighting boards to some of the semaphore signals across the route.
Red Bank Sidings - moved signal VE127 and added signal VE1271.
Holbeck - changed signal L4491 from shunt type and route to mainline for both in order to fix aspect display. Now shows clear when indicating clear.
Miles Patting - Updated signal CH13 and CH16 to 4 aspect heads. Changed splitting distant heads on CH2 and CH12 from 2 aspect green red to green yellow.
"Down And Out" scenario - Moved final walk to marker closer to where the player ends, so it is not the other side of the depot building. -Tweaked order of AI movement around Manchester so that two trains do not depart simultaneously.
Slackened station due times further following feedback of player performance.

No idea what was updated to the core
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