TSW build 260

TSW build 260

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Todays update to build 260:

Passenger Improvements
- Extend platform passenger spawn range to 1km
- Reviewed and revised AI navigation mesh on all stations
- Reviewed and revised character spawn points to help them get on the platform quicker
- Give AI knowledge of when trains are arriving and which platform, so they can tend to navigate towards platforms that have trains coming and away from those that don't.
- Increase spawn rate for stations so a greater volume of characters are shown
- Add a hard limit to the number of characters to prevent dropping framerate
- Adjusted character spawner so it will now use a random one from those available instead of only using the first
- Numerous changes to how the mechanic works for passengers getting on and off trains

- Fix crash when trying to stream a missing rail vehicle / formation definition

- Fix incorrect direction of flipped rail vehicles on spawn from portal
- Player prompts use the internal service name rather than the Display Name.
- Fix failure to find path when formation length shortens due to uncouple instruction
- Allow manual override of coupling destination as temp workaround for bad implicit coupling locations
- Fix pathfinder not creating a path correctly when reversing after an uncouple instruction
- Thread safety pass for network path finder.
- Show couple / uncouple objective markers over couplers instead of vehicles. Show number of vehicles to uncouple and allow FormationName as format string in for uncouple instructions
- Fixed issue with alerter warning going off after fuse has been switched off.
- Easier in game map movement with gamepad by reducing movement threshold
- Fixed issue where pushed button would sometimes get stuck in a pushed state after loading a save game.
- '2' Camera now does not collide with attached actors (e.g. cargo).

- Fixed rear ditchlight glass on yn2 and yn3b
- Created new master material for masked numbers, turned off point lights, painted handbrake blue, changed grill colour for YN2 and 3b, Reskinned engine latch.
- Minor update to Number Lights on YN2 and YN3b liveries. Removing Point Lights. Setting Number Boards to new Material. Changing new Material to Masked Master Material

- Complete lighting re-setup for underground stations including static baked lighting for greatly improved visuals and better framerate
- Re-implemented tunnel and underground station lighting system to work with dynamic objects such as rail vehicles, cab interiors etc
- Fill in some missing platform marker references, required for passenger loading/unloading to work
- Fix Dessau by setting platform marker references
- Bitterfield Station: Redid nav mesh and fixed passengers from standing underground
- Moved a platform wait area at Dessau Hbf so that it is fully covered in nav, rebuilt the nav. Passengers now flow correctly
- Fixed collision mesh in tunnels
- Leipzig HBF Stair collision fix
- Electrification applied to short section originally missed

Talent 2
- Updated Passenger Splines, elongated and rotation applied to spline points to ensure passengers get off the correct sides properly.
- Switched Standard seat name to “Driver”.

- Re-implemented LoDs on coaches

GWR Class 166
- Switched brake hold control to use key definitions for automatic brake so they can now be redefined
- Fixed some collision issues with the body and doors

nothing still on improved physics of throttle and brakes, or graphics, like draw distance, cab shading
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