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Re: Out soon! RRMods PS-4750 Mid / Late

Unread postby Philly178 » Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:03 pm

RRMods wrote:
Philly178 wrote:
Capture lm hopper.JPG
So this tells me I should halt all of my re skinning work based on Great Northerners 4750,and wait for the RR Mods version. I have to deviate from the prototype paint on the freeware version,as the sill can only be painted one color all of the way across.Also the end ladders have to match the side,on the GN model,they do not on the prototype. Likely the RR Mods version will be more flexible.
Exactly right. So will the rrmods of railworks modeling more new rolling stocks in the WIP until it released at the end of December *!question!*

We're getting close guys. These will be flexible for repainting plus larger texture resolution. We will wait for Ts2019 to beta properly.

We're can't wait to get everything out to everybody!

Aaron C

Thanks Aaron C
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Re: Out soon! RRMods PS-4750 Mid / Late

Unread postby AmericanSteam » Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:15 am

Your weathering is amazing. I will add these when they are available !!*ok*!! .
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Re: Out soon! RRMods PS-4750 Mid / Late

Unread postby RAILSOHIO » Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:15 pm

AmericanSteam wrote:Your weathering is amazing. I will add these when they are available !!*ok*!! .

I was working on a series of these Landmark hoppers for Great Northerner's model. I had gone to a LOT of trouble to create a multi layer image that went from paint shop-new,to really weathered,with individual car variations,and road numbers. I grew up near to the markets these cars were in. So that is the reason for all dedication to this re-paint.. I have always been a perfectionist,and have yet to release a single re-paint to the community. I will not rule out releasing a version for Michael's freeware car. But I will release version with the new RRMods car,if there are no re skinning restrictions. It's really only the deviation from prototype that has kept me from doing the freeware ones,already. Thanks for the compliment!
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