Best UK Freeware Route-Heartbeat and Harry Potter

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Best UK Freeware Route-Heartbeat and Harry Potter

Unread postby SD40Australia » Wed Jun 07, 2017 7:52 pm

This is causing a real stir over at UKTrainsim it seems.

This was in the TV series Heartbeat and movie Harry Potter (and maybe more!!), Whitby Pickering Railway, near Scarborough in UK.

It is almost a 1.5Gb download and you still need 5 DLC and then about 10 other individual downloads. Looks like the guy that has built it has taken 5 years of effort doing it.

I was watching Heartbeat the other day, an older episode, and I saw the train with concrete sleepers, yet it was steam!!! !*salute*!

Maybe in the future the economies of coal can not be beaten!

Anyhow the episode was "Playing with Trains", alright if some of you are interested in cop stuff! Haha It was when Greengrass was still alive. He is now passed away I believe.

Hopefully the boys work on the Montana Rail Project can equal the 'majesty' of what this guy did.

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