How do i? Where can i?

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How do i? Where can i?

Unread postby ZeroCNReaper » Tue May 09, 2017 8:47 pm

So i have the GP9 Pack, the CN SD40-2 Wide Nose, the Norfolk Southern SD40-2 High Nose, the Union Pacific SD70ACE Pack which i think includes BNSF and Rio Grande i think, as well as several other add-ons i have collected over time which have something in common except for two at least and that would be there is no projected headlights and windshield rain effects.

At least the CN SD40-2 Wide Nose has projected headlights !!*ok*!! but does not have windshield rain effects !*not-ok*! .

The SD70ACE Packs NS, CN, UP etc have no projected headlights and windshield rain effects but also when in cab view camera if you look behind you and look through the window of the door the walkway is invisible.

What i want to do is IF i can, is fix that however i don't know how at the moment minus the invisible walkway on the SD70ACE Packs, would rather find a patch for that.

If possible what i would like to do since i do have other packs that have/are the same locomotive with working projected headlights and windshield rain effects if i could copy those over to the ones that don't work (Have tried this and didn't work.) without needing to change anything in a bin? file (reprogramming text/number files basically) as that is unknown territory for me that i don't understand any of it. !*don-know!*

However with a step by step video tends to help unless there isn't one that i could find which is why i am posting this topic here.

(Have tried this and didn't work.) Example: Copying EmpireBuilderPack01 GP9 headlight.ban and pasting it in GP9 Pack and changing/replacing the GP9 Pack gp9_headlight.ban
and renaming the copied/pasted EmpireBuilderPack01 GP9 headlight.ban to gp9_headlight does nothing. <Feel confused just reading my example or it's just me.

Couldn't find a video on how to get projected headlights and windshield rain effects to work so i started tinkering around and was met with no results.

If the above option does not work for me which do it yourself hasn't been working for me at all really.
It also seems to take hours or a few days for me to find a "How To" if at all so my more easy simple choice is "where can i" find a download that makes these changes/fixes for me?
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