Bessemer & Lake Erie Route

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Bessemer & Lake Erie Route

Unread postby mindenjohn » Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:13 am

I have just discovered the B&LE (I know, I should have a long time ago). Starting out in TS about 4 years ago I was put off steam locos because the visibility from cabs and "front coupler" views was poorer than from diesels and electrics and they are more difficult to drive (getting the regulator and the reverser balance right). I remember travelling behind UK steam in general use but US steam was not my thing. In my modelling days steam locos were more expensive (still are) and didn't run as well as the all wheel pickup heavy diesels (no longer the case). What turned me onto trying the B&LE was that I am building another route in two episodes - one the 1980s and the other the transition period of the 1950s. The work from Michael Stephan and Dick Cowen has been the inspiration particularly the Alcos which led me into looking at late US steam from a different angle. Again the work of Michael, Dick and a number of repainters has created (for me) a whole new world, hence the B&LE.
I have read "that the signals should be upper quadrant", "too much wrong line running" etc but "WOW" the work put into the B&LE is huge and thank you G-Trax, thank you!! There are few US steam routes available this one has been well thought out and although some purists may be critical we should be thankful for what we have. Now where can I a find a 20th Century ten wheeler......

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