Great Northern Empire Builder DLC

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Great Northern Empire Builder DLC

Unread postby StrategyFirst » Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:56 pm

As I'm sure many of you know, the GN Empire Builder is a perfect compliment to the Marias Pass route. I personally love F7 locomotives, and plus Great Northern is local to where I live, so I thought, Why not? *!!wink!!*

What You Get
When you buy the DLC, you get a brand new F7 model in the Great Northern Railway livery, a full ‘Empire Builder’ set, including sleeper cars, dining cars, passenger cars, coffee dormitory, dome coach, great dome lounge car, sleeper observation car and mail baggage car in Great Northern ‘Empire Builder livery. So, you basically get the whole Empire Builder set to play around with.

Along with the passenger set, you also get an EMD GP9 in Great Northern livery with a Great Northern box car, caboose and reefer freight wagons. So, now we have a 2-in-1 pack here.

As for scenarios, the whole DLC only comes with three (one of which is just a tutorial):
  • Empire Builder Tutorial
  • Over the Divide
  • Race for Shelby

So, that's not a whole lot.

When is comes to RSC products, sound is usually very bad for American DLC. However, with this new F7 model, RSC decided to add a new horn. Although the horn isn't as bad as say, the SD70/SD75 horns, it could use a little working on. The bell was a carryover, though, from the old F7 model, as well as the engine noise, which isn't bad, but I personally would've liked to have some more realistic sounds.

The cab levers make nice squeaking noises, and you can hear the brake valves released when you release the brakes with a nice "whoosh", and you can hear the engine gear(I honestly don't know what it is...) shifting when moving the reverser. Whilst the bell and sander in the cab are muffled, the horn oddly isn't.

I have to say that the overall appearance of this set is absolutely fantastic! RSC definitely put A LOT of effort into this. You can see each individual bolt, the cab view is great, the passenger views are highly-detailed and have rain effects, plus the loco has a pulsing mars light, as well as the observation car.

The physics seem fine to me, that's all I can say.

Overall score: 8/10
The fantastic graphics and small details, along with great physics make this DLC awesome! If RSC were to replace the sounds to be more realistic, and not just carried over, and include more scenarios, this would be 10/10 hands down. Of course, there's always the Workshop scenarios, but I'm leaving those out of the final sentence, as they were not made by the developers.

If you are a first-generation diesels fan, and want something with high-detail sounds, graphics, and a huge bundle for only $20, I recommend you get this DLC.
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