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Workshop scenario list

Unread postby cnbalasub » Thu Apr 06, 2017 11:14 am

Is anyone have a better idea to make a list of workshop scenarios for any routes in Railworks? The reason why I am asking is that I got a message through DoveTail Games.kayako this morning. I already unsubscribed all of the workshop scenarios that I have for my program of Train Simulator 2017 in 25 pages. It's too late now before I thought that I should have asked anyone here what is the best solution to make a list of workshop scenarios. So I don't have to search all scenarios in Workshop later. The problem is that I couldn't get the program of Train Simulator 2017 running after login. All you see on the monitor screen with 3 different locomotives and on the bottom of the page with different names of companies that DoveTail work with also notice on bottom left -- v59.2a Updating Scenario Database. Then I have to uninstall Train Simulator then deleted the folder of Railworks and reinstall Train Simulator again. Isn't that fun with this. The person at DoveTail Support believe that there is a corrupted scenario and the best thing is to unsubscribe all Workshop scenarios and uninstall Train Simulator then reinstall Train Simulator. Noticed that reinstall Train Simulator is VERY SLOW. I just have to be patience with this till reinstall the program of Train Simulator done sometime late this afternoon.

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