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Latest version announcements and changelog: 0.12

Unread postby Havner » Sun Dec 28, 2014 4:12 pm

Latest version: 0.13


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- Small update to be able to find the TS2017 window, no other changes

- Academy BR189 after the patch
- Class 180 Adelante
- Semmeringbahn loco
- USATC S160
- Small changes for function conflicts in Class 380

 - WARNING: there are 5 scripts now in total now, make sure to
   put them all in the plugins directory.
 - Updates after TS patches: Connie, FEF-3, Talent 2
 - BR Blue pack
 - DR BR86 (units might be incorrent on the overlay)
 - DB BR261 Voith Gravita
 - Horseshoe Curve + Baldwin Centipede
 - Return to Maerdy
 - WCML Trent Valley locos
 - Merge all the alerters into one "Alarm", color changed to yellow.
   It's virtually impossible to be able to distnguish AWS/PZB from
   DSD/Sifa reliably on all locos. In any case the 'Q' should always
   fix the alarm. If you want to drive realistically look in the cab.

 - UP Gas Turbine fixed! Thanks to CobraOne for the initial
   solution. The loco has been (mostly) fixed now on DTG side.
 - SplitCombinedWithAt(brake, value) function added. It can easily
   be used to split combined throttle into two axes. First arg
   defines with what brake (the second axis), second arg at what
   value. This will usually be 0.5 for (0,1) or 0 for (-1,1).
   I've added its usage (commented out by default) to most locos.
 - This version does much more autodetection (notches, replaces)
   than the previous ones (it actually started a little in 0.9.1).
   The aim is to minimize the custom locos configs. Based on general
   trends I grouped some common stuff in "automagic" sections in both
   the joystick and the overlay configuration functions. This also
   should cause the non configured locos (ones I don't have) to behave
   better by default (hopefully). Tell me if I broke something.
 - LUA files has been split into more files, locos detections
   and find control values received their own dedicated files
 - Configs for Soldier Summit and Mannheim - Karlsruhe locos
 - Configs for Weardale and Teesdale locos + Class 105
 - Made GT3 Gas Turbine work, requires repatching
 - Small fixes for A2 Peppercorn and GT3
 - Class 76 (Woodhead)
 - Consolidation (SmokeBox)
 - SD60M
 - WARNING: if you've previously seen a message box that some loco
   has been detected and now you see "no custom configuration" it
   doesn't mean it's bad. I've done some generic detections here
   and there based on ControlValues and some custom configurations has
   become redundant. Test the loco, if it works fine, it's fine.

 - Tried to do UP Gas Turbine config, but the loco is bugged.
 - BR155 config.
 - PowerSelected added to Overlay and as a lever to Gear.
 - Fixes some minor issues for Fifties Steamers.
 - GWR Pannier config.
 - LargeEjector added to the list of joystick controllable axes.
   (it's usable in the Fifties Steamers)
 - Havner's Cofig for steamers moved to one common place

 - TS2016 (and '17, '18, '19) support.
 - Updated configs and detection for Locos from Sherman Hill,
   Cologne - Koblentz and PennCoal. For the new braking system on
   US locos turn off brake notches (CTRL+SHIFT+3).
 - WARNING: Due to the fact that more and more locos are heavily
   scripted the blue part of the overlay (controls) will now try
   to exclusively show actual lever values, not the internal values
   as original intended. The internals become more and more
   convoluted and meaningless. No point in mantaining that.
 - WARNING: Default for "change direction" changed to "D"
 - WARNING: Configuration syntax changed a little, now tables
            are used everywhere.
            ThrottleInvert became tshInvert["Throttle"], etc.
 - WARNING: Config functions changed due to the above as well.
            ReplaceLines, GenerateEquakNotches, InvInvert, they
            all get the key in params and don't return anything
 - Removed *: from scripts calls as per dev documents
 - Added warning if Simple controls are detected
 - Added an option "S" to switch to speed limit only
 - Added an option to sync controls on start of the sim
 - New option for Axes, Step: set the control over time,
   not immediately. Now even using Notches the ControlValue
   will go through intermediate values before reaching the setting.
 - Thanks to this option TrainBrake and DynamicBrake work
   together on vRailroads locos as they should.
 - Added an option to disable all "Havner's config" mods.

 - WARNING: Havner's configs changed (I got more physical throttles now)
 - Sunflower indicator removed, it was just obscuring the view
 - Toggleable font outline for better visibility (see readme)
 - Acceleration implemented on the C++ side, works properly when
   driving after changing sides of the loco
 - Significat changes in the overlay shortcuts and cmd line:
   - Split into 2 groups, main and steam
   - Higher granularity in what you want to display
   - Colors changed a little
   - See the readme for current shortcuts and cmd line
 - Configs for J50, 2F Dock Tank and 3F Jinty by MeshTools
 - Config for GWR Small Prairies by VictoryWorks
 - Configs for Cologne Koblenz locos
 - Configs for BR103 and BR111 by vRailroads
 - Damper axis removed, it made little sense
 - FireboxDoor, ExhaustSteam and LiveSteam axes (also for FEF-3)

 - Support for FEF-3 HUD version, sorry, forgot previously.
 - Support for Bulleid Q1, see the steamers section in the readme.
 - Support for 14xx/48xx/58xx, see the steamers section in the readme.
 - Support for BR442 Talent 2, BR420, Class 50.
 - Stoking, ExhaustWater, LiveWater added to axes controls
 - Further modifications in a way the overlay is configured
   (similar to the joystick part, autodetections first, then locos).
 - Range added to all GenerateEqualNotches calls, even the {0,1} cases.
 - Minor changes here and there.
 - README updated again. I remind you that I constantly update it when
   adding some new functionality or changing something substantially.

 - FEF-3 support. Not all controls are in the HUD simply because there
   is too many of them, but all that are used during normal startup,
   firing and driving are.
 - Separate Blowers for J94
 - Experimental green speed indicator when speed is up to 5 units
   (mph/kph) below the speed limit.

 - WARNING: some of my internal configurations have changed a little.
   If you rely on them have a look in the locoss sections.
 - Made an optiom for the program to treat driving backwards as forwards
   (Shift-Alt-S). Very usefull for some locos/scenarios where you have to
   drive backwards for longer periods of time.
 - New axes for the joystick: Small Ejector, HandBrake, Blower, Damper.
   Very usefull for 3rd party realistic locos (e.g. VictoryWorks).
 - Big optimization in the LUA overlay code. Don't check for existance
   of ControlValues per iteration. Check this info only once on loco
 - Inclusion of DataExtractor. New version, integrated in the main
   package. Thanks CobraOne.
 - Separate units detection for brakes. Now a loco displays properly
   BAR/PSI if it has brakes that use both.
 - SteamHeating indicator.
 - Detections and notches configurations for more locos I bought recently.
 - Cleanups in my own configs, they wont take precedence over axes set
   explicitly. ReplaceControls() function for this. They are grouped
   under "Havner's config" comments.

 - WARNING: keyboard shortcuts got changed again due to steamers addition
 - Support for steamers, see the readme
 - Detection script will notify what loco has been detected
 - Detections and notches configurations for MANY more locos (ALL I own)
 - Handbrake indicator, better CruiseControl/AFB indicator
 - CruiseControl axis for locos other then German AFB
 - Separate Loco and Train brakes indicators (some locos use both)

 - WARNING: the keyboard shortcuts (F1-F9) got changed again due
   to the addition of Distance and a change with TargetSpeed
 - WARNING: the modifier for ALL the shortcuts got changed to
   SHIFT-ALT due to collisions with TS shortcuts (adv. brakes)
 - Distance/Countdown implementation, see the readme
 - Moved the TargetSpeed to the controls (blue) section
 - Made it possible to use the Patcher without TS registry entries
   and custom named RailWorks folder
 - Handle the windowed mode case, move together with TS window
 - Removed numbers formatting in lua for some variables, pass the full float/double
 - Detections and notches configurations for more locos
 - Minor code changes

 - WARNING: the script has been split into 3 files, you need all
  - Overlay configuration is in the trainsim-helper-overlay.lua
  - Joystick configuration is in the trainsim-helper-joystick.lua
  - Detections for locos are in the trainsim-helper.lua
 - WARNING: ALL ControlRanges are detected before Locos detections
  - This allows for less code in the detection routines
 - GearControl axis added (Gear Lever)
 - Gear in the Overlay moved to the controls group (blue)
  - WARNING: Because of this shortcuts got shifted by 1 (F1-F9, F11-F12)
 - Vacuum Pipe added to the Overlay (red), Vacuum Chamber ignored (seems irrelevant)
 - Moved the clock to align better with long scenario names and F5 UI
 - Overlay GradientUK format option (1:XXX) (mostly autodetected for UK)
 - Fixed gigantic speed limits for SpeedLimitType == 3 (now it's '??')
 - Add units to acceleration, recalculate from m/s^2 (Kph/m, Mph/m)
 - Moved most of the calculations to C++ for performance and greater control
 - Readme updated (TOC and section on how to receive help)
 - Detections and notches configurations for more locos
 - Source code from now is on github:

 - Added M8Brake to the list of controllable TrainBrakes
 - Fix for the patcher to handle very old locos that don't provide Initialise()
 - Fix for the patcher in case there are already 2 scripts named the same but one .lua, one .out
 - Detections and notches configurations for more locos

 - Next speed limit + distance
 - Keyboard shortcuts for turning off the whole overlay or just parts of it
 - Command line switches to disable joystick support completely
 - Command line switches to turn off the overlay or just parts of it
 - Notched levers support (needs to be configured manually per loco)
 - An option to redefine warning strings
 - Patcher template updated to pass frame interval for future use
 - More examples in the code for the new functions
 - Internal code changes
 - Docs updated, changelog and todo added

 - Changed the BRs in the readme to be readable in notepad
 - Fixed BAR/PSI display for some locos
 - Added Reverser control

 - initial release
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Re: Latest version announcements and changelog: 0.7

Unread postby Havner » Sat Jan 03, 2015 1:15 pm

Version 0.7 released.

No major features. Did some Victory Works locos.
Next waiting in queue are MeshTools ones: 2F Dock Tank, 3F Jinty and J50. Need to figure out how to reflect properly their advanced braking systems in the helper.
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Re: Latest version announcements and changelog: 0.8

Unread postby Havner » Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:52 am

Version 0.8 released.

The nicest feature here I think is the font outline that makes it easier to read the overlay on light-coloured backgrounds.
More granularity for the toggleable overlay parts (see the readme).
Configs for some advanced steamers from Victory Works and Meshtools.
Configs for some german locos.
More axes for steamers.

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Re: Latest version announcements and changelog: 0.8

Unread postby Havner » Fri Sep 18, 2015 8:03 pm

Version 0.9 released.

TS2016 is now supported of course.
There has been lots of internal changes. Due to that and because I'm freaking tired today there might be some bugs here and there with locos configurations. Hopefully nothing serious. The blue overlay part showing controls has been completely changed to show real lever values instead of internals as before. If you see something wrong there please report.

I have not bought TS2016, so all the new locos (turbine, BR155, steamers) are not done/configured. There is no ETA on that unfortunately as I'm still thinking whether to buy that.

Happy driving!
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Re: Latest version announcements and changelog: 0.8

Unread postby Havner » Wed Sep 23, 2015 4:27 pm

Version 0.9.1 released.

Small update after I bought TS2016 that adds support to the new locos there. Unfortunately UP Gas Turbine is bugged. There is some heavy and ugly scripting around Throttle, Dynamic Brake and Reverser that even prevents those axes from being controlled with a mouse. It fights every input but the key or HUD. That includes SetControlValue. I did an ugly workaround to force it every frame but it's ugly and doesn't work well. To kinda help it hit A/D (for throttle) once after you set the value. It should settle.

If you can please report the inability to control the Throttle and DynamicBrake with a mouse to DTG (the more people the better chances they might consider this important I think): ... 1489687634

EDIT: If you want to control this loco with keys, not the joystick you have to comment out two tshForceUpdate[] lines in the UPGasTurbine configuration. As I think of it now I should have provided them commented out by default...
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Re: Latest version announcements and changelog: 0.10

Unread postby Havner » Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:25 pm

Version 0.10 released.

UP Gas Turbine works properly. It has been mostly fixed in the upstream. Also fellow modder found a fix as well and it's still partially required.
Some more configurations for things I bought recently. And lots of changes on the inside. See changelog.
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Re: Latest version announcements and changelog: 0.11

Unread postby Havner » Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:46 pm

Version 0.11 released.

Minor release with updated configs for some locos that were patched and some new configs from my latest purchases.
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Re: Latest version announcements and changelog: 0.12

Unread postby Havner » Fri Jun 17, 2016 8:29 pm

Version 0.12 released.

Some minor changes, few more locos. Biggest reason for this release is the wonderful USATC S160 support.
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Re: Latest version announcements and changelog: 0.12

Unread postby Havner » Thu Sep 15, 2016 1:17 pm

Version 0.13 released.

Very minor update to accommodate for the window name change.
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