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TS2015 Consist lockup

Unread postby cn2141 » Wed May 13, 2015 4:49 pm

My consist editor TS2015 locks up on me when I down load any third party loco's etc..this problem just popped up when TS2015 consist was up-dated.I have no idea why,it was working fine until then!Have tried re-downloading but to no avail.Everything from DLC steam works fine.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: TS2015 Consist lockup

Unread postby artimrj » Wed May 13, 2015 7:28 pm

I have seen several reports of people having problems with the update. Most of them did not try out the beta that was offered and for some reason they seem to be the ones who are having problems. Most of them though have been able to fix the problem by verifying their game cache on Steam. If you have not tried that yet, try it. If that doesn't help then you need to submit a support ticket to DTG. There are also people who did do the beta test who have problems. So it is not really cut and dry as to what the problem could yet.
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