New Lakeside Route Expansion Idea

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New Lakeside Route Expansion Idea

Unread postby RudyardRailroader » Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:10 pm

About a month and a half ago my gaming computer crashed with a bad graphics card. Unable to afford a new one at the moment (and the need for a new computer anyway). I decided rather than spend the money on a new card, to wait until I can afford a new computer. In the meantime I have done a lot of planning for a new version of the Lakeside Route using my laptop and Microsoft paint.
The new version will include an expansion of the Waterton yard area to include a bigger interchange yard on the North-South mainline as well as an East-West running track to connect to the main yard and the interchange yard. Waterton will also gain a freight house and TOFC track for extra traffic.

The largest addition will be another railroad; the Waterton and Riverside. W&R is a terminal railroad company that handles all the industrial trackage in Waterton along with a trolley operation around the city that also extends south to another fictional town (which I may or may not eventually build). The W&R handles all the coal traffic to and from the dock/power plant, services a furniture factory, cement company, creamery, and machining company. The W&R used to go between its namesake cities but after the floods of 1938 the W&R trackage now terminates just west of the Borden Processing plant.
The W&R will use repainted trolley's from the Sacramento Northern Route, along with repainted 0-6-0's from the Bessemer Route. If I got ambitious enough I may extend the W&R freight portion to go over the southern trolley line to a new city near the southern end of the map.

The RW&A will remain the name of the primary railroad for now, however I want to modify the route to have more of a New England/B&M feel to it. This will involve repainting (if possible) some of the depots along the line as well as placing B&M flanger signs, searchlight style signals, etc. Some of the content I need for the route I will likely have to commission (B&M phone boxes, signs, stations, etc.). Instead of hauling ore from "Goegebic" mine, trains will haul gravel from "Atlantic Mine" to the dock to supply the famous Boston Sand and Gravel Complex in Sommerville, MA.

My biggest goal for this route is to commission a B&M R-1D class 4-8-2 from a content creator. If that is possible I will have a version done up with RW&A speed lettering on the tender.
If too many of the buildings, signs, etc. are not available for me to be content with the route in Train Simulator I will create the route in Trainz, which is full of B&M assets and I have a content creator lined up to create an R-1D in Trainz here in the next year or two. I would much rather stick to the TS platform because of the incredible graphic detail, but I am very picky when it comes to prototypical accuracy so if the route doesn't have the B&M feel I am going for, it is much easier to replicate in Trainz.
Let me know what you think, if you have any comments, ideas, or suggestions on this potential expansion.
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