NS 4001 - The derailment I never expected...

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NS 4001 - The derailment I never expected...

Unread postby Nitsujy12345 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:11 pm

Got word from a buddy NS 4001 (Blue/Grey AC44C6M rebuild) was leading train 593 through York Haven, PA. I drove up and caught it just in time. Here is my video of that train:

A few hours later, I get the most surprising news I've gotten in a while...
4001 was in a rollover!
Train 593 was in a derailment around Mcveytown, PA the same day roughly 5 hours after I saw it. Luckily the crew walked away fine.
Leading was NS 4001, and trailing was NS 1036 (SD70ACe). Both engines landed on their sides dug multiple feet deep into the dirt on a farm field. Along with that, about 20 empty coal hoppers smashed and tangled with each other all around the engines. Here is the small amount of video I could get on the derailment:

NS Dash 9 on Facebook has some shots from Aaron Varner:

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