New uploading proceedures

Guidelines on how to package and document your uploads. Specifications of required screenshots and file naming are listed. Please follow these guidelines to ensure your upload is posted quickly.

New uploading proceedures

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RWA File Library Submission Guidelines
Not following these guidelines may cause a delay in your file being added to the File Library

1) No spaces in file names. Use an underscore or hyphen in place of a space, or no space at all.
    Do Not use any special characters in the file names, such as & and #, etc. Use hyphen and/or underscore only
2) All submissions should be packaged in zip, rar, or 7z format.
    No raw rwp files
    No .zipX files
3) A Read me should be included and should be in text (.txt) format.
    The Read me needs to include installation instructions
4) Screen-shots should be in jpg format
    Due to their huge file size, no png or bmp files will be accepted.
5) Screen-shots should be no larger than 830 pixels wide or high, whichever is greater. NOTE: This is a new size specification for the new web site.
    You can include more than one full size screen-shot.
6) A thumbnail image should be included and should be no larger than 150 pixels wide or high, whichever is greater.

7) All files should be named the same, with the exception of the extension.

Examples: (or .rar or .7z)
    MyFile.jpg (full size image)
    MyFile_tn.jpg (thumbnail)

Everything can be included in the uploaded file. You do not have to upload the individual files seperately any more.

8) Max file size for the uploading via the website is 200 MB. Contact an Admin for FTP information for files larger than 200 MB.


Getting the file to me:

Go to the web site and click on the File Library Menu option at the top of the page. On the right side of the page under the Search option you will see this:

upload1.jpg (25.02 KiB) Viewed 10577 times

Use the browse button to find the file on your hard drive.

Then enter in the security code displayed, it is NOT case sensitive.

Then click the upload button and a new window will appear that looks like this:

upload2.jpg (28.45 KiB) Viewed 10577 times

Fill in the blanks:

1. Title is the name of your upload, not the filename, but the name that will be used on the website.
2. Uploader is your real name.
3. Handle is your forum handle/username.
4. Date is self explanatory; the date you are uploading.
5. Description is a short description of the file you are uploading.

Once you have completed the form, click the Upload File button and this will begin the actual uploading.

During the upload you will see this spinning icon thats let's you know the file is uploading.

upload3.jpg (11.21 KiB) Viewed 10577 times

Once the upload is complete you will get a final pop up telling you the upload was succesful or display any error that may have happened. It looks like this.

upload4.jpg (21.84 KiB) Viewed 10577 times

An email will be sent to me telling me there is a new upload.
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