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Re: Attachable EOT's ?

Unread postby BNSFdude » Thu Jan 12, 2017 5:47 pm

Berkshirefan765 wrote:
FoodMonsterGuy wrote:On the NS line I railfan the BNSF run through coal trains don't have EOTs on the DPUs. Just dim headlights.

That's because the dimmed headlights serve as an EOT.

Not entirely true.
The dimmed light serves as a rear marker, but the DP serves as the end of train telemetry and emergency capable device.

People forget the main reason for a EOTD is not for the High Visibility Marker, but for rear emergency braking capability should there be an obstruction in the brake pipe like a turned angle **.

Here's a huge reason why they require it:

This was caused by the EOTD not initiating emergency when called for by the head end, because the brake pipe was obstructed. Therefore having only roughly half the braking force it should have.
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