VNHRR is available at the TaD Store!

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VNHRR is available at the TaD Store!

Unread postby Andimax » Sat Dec 21, 2013 5:20 am

Helle everyone!

We are very pleased to announce the release of the Virtual New Haven Railroad - Springlfield Line for Trainsimulator 2014!

Discounted to 16,78€ (without VAT) during the Holiday Sale!

Check out this awesome route at: the Trains and Drivers Online Store.

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About the Virtual New Haven Railroad

Welcome to the Virtual New Haven Railroad! The "VNHRR" is a project for the Train Simulator 2014 computer game, our aim is to model the New Haven Railroad's Springfield Line, from Springfield, MA, to New Haven, CT, as itappeared in the mid-20th century. The 1950s were the last of the New Haven Railroad's glory days, and we are trying our best to make you feel like you are really there in that special era in railroading history. The route is being developed in several phases, the first of which covers the New Haven mainline from the line's terminus at Springfield, MA, to the townof Windsor Locks, CT. The branch line to Suffield, CT, and the Windsor Locks International Airport is also included.

While the route's main focus is clearly on the New Haven Railroad, some trackage of the Boston & Albany (New York Central System) and Boston & Maine railroads is included too, these three roads met in Springfield and regularly interchanged cars.
We hope you will enjoy this little trip back in time, on a unique railroad that despite its several bankruptcies and questionable management decisions we regard as one of the true industrial icons of the Northeastern U.S.

NOTE: This route is available in english only! The german version will be delivered as a free update to existing customers at the end of January!


    Highly realistic built route from Springfield, MA to Windsor Locks, CT
    Branchline from Winsdor Lock, CT to Windsor Locks INternational Airport and to Suffiled, CT included
    Hundreds of custom madel 3D Objects in a brilliant modelled scenery
    Highly accurate track layouts
    Custom build signalling system to enhance the playability and the realism in Trainsimulator 2014
    Accurate simulation of brake physics let you experience the "real feel" of handling locomotives of the mid 20st century


    ALCO FA/B-1 (NH Class DER-2a) Locomotive
    ALCO RS-3 (NH CLass DERS-2c) Locomotive in three liveries
    Boxcars in 12 different paint schemes
    Gondola in 2 different paint schemes
    Flatcars with different loads
    Hopper in 3 different paint schemes
    Cabooses in 4 different paint schemes
    Coaches in 2 different paint schemes


    different Quick Drive consists and Freeroams
    Introduction scenario
    Air Force Chevies
    Bradley Field Distribution
    Early Morning Freight
    Emergency Passenger Service
    Inbound Freight; Mainline
    Inbound Freight: Yard
    Last Train Home
    Winter Coal Deliveries

Check out this awesome route at: the Trains and Drivers Online Store.
Greetings from the old world!
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