NERW Classic Lightweight Passenger Cars

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NERW Classic Lightweight Passenger Cars

Unread postby harryadkins » Tue May 22, 2018 10:46 pm

These models are classic North Eastern Rail Works reskins of the freeware G-TraX 4-Pack Lightweight Passenger Cars. The G-TraX pack is available in the Railworks America file library.

Run the RW_AssetSetup file to install the models. In the scenario editor, they are listed as: NERR_LtWt_Baggage01,NERR_LtWt_Coach01,NERR_LtWt_Diner01,NERR_LtWt_Sleeper01 and NERR_LtWt_Sleeper02 (observation). The models are installed into : Assets\G-TraX\Trains\ RailVehicles\Passenger\NERR_Classic\Railcars\.

I designed this paint scheme to give a little more conservative look to the NERW passenger fleet. Using RW-Tools, it’s fairly simple to substitute these cars into existing consists. You can download the NERW Pennsylvania Subdivision here: ... collection

This package is released as freeware. You can do whatever you wish with it EXCEPT make money with its use.

Harry R. Adkins
May 2018
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