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Re: Overview of RW3 / TS 2012 Updating Progess

Unread postby GreatNortherner » Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:03 am


Good news, it looks like we're slowly getting closer to the end of the updating madness. At least for the rolling stock packs. *!sad!*

The only packs still waiting for an update as of now are:
- GSC flatcars, all of the Northwestern roads
- TOFC flatcars
- 40ft flatcars
- Modern Freight Pack

The TOFC pack shouldn't be a problem, the others will however cause some trouble. First, the GSC flatcars will need to be rearranged, like I did with the PRR heritage cars. I will also try and consolidate the cars into one big package. Not sure yet how this will work with the free upgrades, but I'll think of something.

For the modern freight pack (boxcars/gondolas) I will probably have to do almost totally new models, which will most likely not work with old repaints. Sorry about that, but porting the texture mapping onto a new model is just too complicated (and the old texture layout wasn't too good anyway). However, I will provide a "TS2012-fixed" version of the old shape files. This will look a bit "MSTS-ish" then but at least it won't be shining as if it was coated in glass.

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